Key Differentiators–What’s Yours

As you can imagine, as a web2print service provider, we talk to printers everyday --one of the most important question we ask is, what are your key differentiators? Guess what ..95 % of all printers we have talked to give the same answer ! "Quality products and personal service are my key differentiators".

I am sure we would all agree that quality products and personal service should be treated as consumer rights, and certainly not as the printers key differentiators !

5 years ago, Web2print was probably a key differentiator in a printers sales pitch, however not any longer, Web2print primary focus is to save time by enabling Self-Service Ordering. Manual order entry (i.e., phone, fax, e-mail, FTP) all take time and effort by both YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER.

Time is the ultimate limited resource, for you and your customers. Spend too much of your customer’s time, and they will find a competitor who has the customer’s time as the highest priority