Is this your excuse

you justify, "My customers are happy with the high touch service we give them,"

And you rationalize, "by transferring our offline customers to online we risk commoditizing the product and encourage them to shop on price alone,"

The cumbersome traditional order process is print’s biggest enemy today. To stay relevant, print companies have to go where the customers are, online. you have to do it in a way that is clear, fast and convenient for your customers.

Moving your offline customers online is a no brainier. If you don't, your competitors will.

Imagine how easy that sale will be, a competitor can come in and give this pitch:

You can order from us 247 /365 days a year, if you get distracted in the middle you can even save your order, log off, and finish later. If you can't provide all the details via self-service ordering, that is OK as we'll contact you and complete it for you , We will also enable you to see into our production workflow so you can check the status of your job 24/7. Additionally, we will send you automatic notifications as soon as the job is ready for pick up or has been shipped .You will never have to call us to ask for a duplicate invoice because you'll have access to all your transaction history online.

Notice that not much of this pitch was about print — it was all about CONVENIENCE and TRANSPARENCY.

SoftwareDefinedPrint can help you grow your business and more importantly help you retain your existing business by transitioning your offline customer to online.

SoftwareDefinedPrint helps reduce costs and increase efficiency, while enabling print service providers to improve relationships with existing customers and to attract new ones. Our product is easy to use and we provide all the technical training and support needed to ensure a smooth implementation.